Try, try, try again

I started this blog back in 2014 and did a couple of posts.  However, I didn’t like my theme and couldn’t get into the grove of posting on a regular basis. Three years later and I’m giving it another try.  I plan on starting small and see if I can do one or two posts a week. Hope you enjoy!

Antique finds from San Miguel.

Test one, two, three

I pulled a piece a scrap wood to test combining two different paint colors and transfers.  It sat on my dining room table for months and everyone in a while I place something on it to see how it looked.  I fell in love with a combination of shells flowers and a vintage door place and handle. I loved it so much that it has found a home in my dressing room.

Made of reclaimed wood, vintage door plate and shell flowers
Made of reclaimed wood, vintage door plate and shell flowers

Salvage Kind of Weekend

This past weekend I went to Hanover, PA to go to two antique stores I like to visit regularly – Yesteryear Antique Center and Black Rose Antiques & Collectibles.  I was surprised that I didn’t purchase one thing.  There were many things I picked up and went back to looked at but I’m trying to be more selective these days.  It was still early after going thru both malls, I decided to another antique mall in Emmitsburg, MD while I was up this way.  I set my Garmin and off I went.  I ended up going thru New Oxford which was very cute and found several antique shops and a fabulous Christmas Haus store.

PVL - New Oxford Christmas Store

As I continue to drive to Emmitsburg, I pasted a salvage place and quickly turned and headed back to Shelley’s Country Crafts & Antiques. I was excited to see what goodies I would find and hopefully at a bargain.  There were a lot of doors, cabinets and windows outside that were looking fabulously chippy and worn.  I stumbled upon a cabinet door and so many ideas popped into my head about what I could do with it.  I’ve been wanted to attach blue mason jars to barn wood and thought why not add a jar to this cabinet door.

PVL - salvage

When I got home, instead of doing my taxes, I pulled out the drill and made two holes in to put the wire thru.  I wrapped the wire around the jar and tied it to the cabinet.  I added wire to back as a way to hang it and I was done.  Well except for the flowers. I went out the next day and grabbed these pretty purple flowers.

PVL - Wood jar vase logo

Tea Party

I have a love of pretty vintage dishes.  I’ve inherited several sets and purchased a few of my own. Sad thing is I never use but one day I decided to get rid of my ugly everyday dishes and start using the pretty ones.  I loved creating a pretty table setting but I never have dinner parties.  The problem is I don’t like to cook and CAN’T!!!!

PVL - Close up

My life was very busy and wasn’t being very social.  So I wanted to invite a small group over to my place for a tea party.  What a wonderful way to visit with friends and not as intimidating as a diner party since I could make finger sandwiches and cookies.  A quick trip to the library and many hours online and I came up with a menu.  I was happy to see the library had books on hosting a tea party.  Of course I started daydreaming how wonderful it would be to have a tea party every month with a different theme.  This way I would use all of my dishes and get to spend time with my friends.

I started setting the table days before.  I went thru all of my grandmothers linens, napkins and doilies and decided to go with the pink and blue theme.  I also used my collection of grandfathers vintage bottles.  I added some bling and rose to each one and placed it in front of each table setting.

PVL - Tea Party Roses

I even got use these name tags that I probably purchased about 15 years ago and have never used them.  I surprisingly didn’t take any pictures of the event and not one of the food.  Next time I will have to do better.

PVL - Tea Party Name Tags

Oh…guess how many tea parties I had last year?  ONE!

PVL - Tea Party table


Welcome to my blog, my home and my life

Wow…I can’t believe how long it has taken to get to this point.  It feels like years filled with many moments of doubt.  It seemed like it was such a major job to take on and I’d rather spend my time creating something else.  I lost count how many times I said I wish I had a blog to share the process while I was making something. But no more!!!!  Here it is my Pretty Vintage Living blog.

Pretty Vintage Living - Roses
Rose display for a tea party