Salvage Kind of Weekend

This past weekend I went to Hanover, PA to go to two antique stores I like to visit regularly – Yesteryear Antique Center and Black Rose Antiques & Collectibles.  I was surprised that I didn’t purchase one thing.  There were many things I picked up and went back to looked at but I’m trying to be more selective these days.  It was still early after going thru both malls, I decided to another antique mall in Emmitsburg, MD while I was up this way.  I set my Garmin and off I went.  I ended up going thru New Oxford which was very cute and found several antique shops and a fabulous Christmas Haus store.

PVL - New Oxford Christmas Store

As I continue to drive to Emmitsburg, I pasted a salvage place and quickly turned and headed back to Shelley’s Country Crafts & Antiques. I was excited to see what goodies I would find and hopefully at a bargain.  There were a lot of doors, cabinets and windows outside that were looking fabulously chippy and worn.  I stumbled upon a cabinet door and so many ideas popped into my head about what I could do with it.  I’ve been wanted to attach blue mason jars to barn wood and thought why not add a jar to this cabinet door.

PVL - salvage

When I got home, instead of doing my taxes, I pulled out the drill and made two holes in to put the wire thru.  I wrapped the wire around the jar and tied it to the cabinet.  I added wire to back as a way to hang it and I was done.  Well except for the flowers. I went out the next day and grabbed these pretty purple flowers.

PVL - Wood jar vase logo

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