Now you see them, now you don’t

I live in an 1894 folk Victorian house with no central air. So twice a year I go thru one of my least favorite rituals….the changing of the AC units. I used to take them down two flights of stairs to the basement. UGH!!!! I always waited too long and end up installing them when it is humid and 90 degrees or removing them when it is freezing cold outside.  Now, once they are removed they don’t go far.  Usually they end up in front of the window on the floor and become the new table in that room. All sorts of things would end up on top of it even my cat Pablo. Every day I would pass by it and wish that it would go away or that I had a closet it would fit in. If you ever lived in an old house you know that is almost impossible. My closets aren’t deep enough to hang clothing in let alone put an AC unit it in.

Pretty Vintage Living - Bird's Nest
Somebody made a home under my AC

So I had an idea!!!!!  I wanted them to disappear. I didn’t just want to cover it I wanted it to be unrecognizable.  My goal was to use what I had and not spend any money.  So I looked around the house and thought why not dress them up.  I had several mannequins, a lot of costumes and left over fabric from co-producing a variety show called Tilted Torch with my friend Miss Joule.  I made most of my costumes and thought why not use them rather than having them sit on a rack.

I put the heavy AC units on a dolly.  This way I could just wheel them back to the window they need to go in.  Then I looked for a dress that was long and wide enough to cover the AC unit.  In order to not mess up the dress, I thought I should first put a petticoat on the mannequin.  Once it was all dress up I put the mannequinn on top of the AC unit and adjusted the height so the dress almost touched the floor. I was in LOVE!!

Pretty Vintage Living - Now you see it
Yes, the AC unit is under the dress

I’m so happy with how it turned out.  I ended up creating another one with a vintage mannequin and left over fabric. Can you believe the previous owner of the house left the mannequin in the attic.  They covered it with a sheet and used it as a ghost for Halloween.






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