Happy mistakes

I can honestly say this is not how I wanted the cabinet to look.  I had a completely different vision for it. I guess it is true when people say “the piece spoke to them”.  Or in my case the mistakes spoke to me.

PVL - Children's Cabinet Redo top

This was my cabinet from when I was a little girl.  It had stickers all over it and my sister and I wrote our names inside the door.  I’m not sure why but we also wrote the words cat and dog on it.  I bet we were feuding about which animal was better.  I liked cats and she liked dogs.

PVL - High Gloss Cabinet

At some point and time I painted it a high gloss blue and it was that color for many years.  I was planning on painting it with Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue.  I’ve never painted on high gloss paint before with Annie Sloan’s paint and was curious to see how it would turn out.  So I went to town and I painted the whole cabinet in no time flat.  Then a few hours later I went back and the cabinet looked just like it did before.  WHAT…the paint didn’t take!!!  I thought it didn’t work on high gloss paint and I headed to Google to do a little research.  My solution was to try putting primer on first. I just finished painting my dressing room with paint and primer combo by Marth Stewart in Butternut Squash.  I didn’t have any other primer handy and thought it really wouldn’t matter because you wouldn’t really see the pink/peach color.  After the primer/paint dried I added another layer of Duck Egg Blue.

PVL - Children's Cabinet Redo

I wasn’t sure what I was going to end up with but I started sanding.  Not sure why but I moved from lightly sanding with my hand to using my electric sander.  I couldn’t believe what was being revealed.  In my opinion it was gorgeous.  I always liked dressers that look like they have been really roughed up but never thought I could do that.  I was so happy to see all the colors coming thru.

I finished it up with some antiquing wax and added the handles I found at one of my favorite places The Pink Cabbage in Ellicott City.

PVL - Pink Cabbage Handles

Now here is the crazy thing,  the Duck Egg Blue chalk paint DID work on high gloss paint without primer.  I figured this out when I started putting wax (by accident) on the inside of the door where I didn’t put any pink primer.  So really I did all that for nothing.  However, I’m so happy I did because it is my favorite piece.

PVL - Black & White

UPDATE: I moved the cabinet into the hallway and I use it to store my bathroom towels.  The hall is painted yellow.  I don’t think the cabinet displays well with the yellow paint.  So guess what has been added to my to do list.


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